The german music-producer KLANGSTEIN released dozens of productions, remixes and DJ mixes on several international compilations. He worked with internationally renowned producers & artists such as Nosie Katzmann (Culture Beat, DJ Bobo, Jam & Spoon), York (Mike Oldfield) and Chris Zippel (Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams). Since 2010 he also produces his podcast "Schalldeluxe By KLANGSTEIN" and operates his radio channel "Schalldeluxe 24/7". After his debut album "Resturlaub 2.0" in 2010 he released his EP "KLANGSTEIN - In The Mix" on his own label "Schalldeluxe" in may 2012. KLANGSTEIN composes and also produces soundtracks for TV commercials and corporate videos and regularly puts on various events as DJ. Discography (selection): 2009 Chillbar Vol.2 Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol.3 Cool Off Chillout Vol.2 2010 KLANGSTEIN - Resturlaub 2.0 Le Voyage Abstrait Purobeach Vol.12 2011 The Renaissance of Silence (Compiled By KLANGSTEIN) Le Café Abstrait Vol 8 Bar Lounge Classics 2/2011 2012 Chillbar Vol.3 KLANGSTEIN - In The Mix EP ATB Sunset Beach DJ Session Vol.2 2013 Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol.6 Vargo Lounge - Summer Celebration Vol.1 Le Café Abstrait Vol.10 KLANGSTEIN - Between The Lines 2014 Schalldeluxe Episode 1 Autumn Time Vol.2 Offline Vol.1 Vargo – Goodbye Is A New Beginning 2015 KLANGSTEIN - Orbit Vargo Lounge - Summer Celebration Vol.3 Schalldeluxe Episode 2 2016 Spring Chill Vol.4 Klassik Lounge Nightflight Vol.8 2017 Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol.7 Schalldeluxe Episode 3 Klangstein - Flowmotion EP  
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