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06-2014 Schalldeluxe presents its latest compilation "Episode 1" compiled & mixed by KLANGSTEIN.
05-2014 Schalldeluxe presents the german producer Torsten Stenzel aka York.
04-2014 Schalldeluxe presents Vargo´s Lauschkost Vol.4 including an interview with Vargo-producer Ansgar Üffink.
02-2014 Schalldeluxe presents the german Artist & Producer Jens Buchert and his forthcoming Album "Cosmic Port".
01-2014 Schalldeluxe reviews the year 2013 with Schalldeluxe-Releases.
04-2013 Schalldeluxe introduces Marcus Loeber and his new album "Flow".
12-2012 Schalldeluxe presents Gold Lounge | Double Life, Stefan Erbe | Emotiondesign & StanDart | Launch_Approval.
11-2012 Schalldeluxe with Deep Dive Corp. and many more.
08-2012 Schalldeluxe introducing Beatlounge Chilloutlifestyle, Tim Angrave | Soundscapes & Sine Music | Chilled Summer Break.
07-2012 Schalldeluxe with Chillwalker, Marie Therese | Sweet Fruits To Chill & The AVA Model Mix.
06-2012 Schalldeluxe introducing the Calm Ibiza Edition 2012, Hittfeld & Lemongrass | Papillon.
05-2012 Schalldeluxe with KLANGSTEIN | In The Mix & Hannah Magenta | Never Let Go.
04-2012 Schalldeluxe with Hannah Magenta & Ambray, Thomas Lemmer | Relieve (The Remixes) & N-JOY Abstrait by Raphael Marionneau.
03-2012 Schalldeluxe with Gushi & Raffunk & Johannes Huppertz aka Newton.
02-2012 Schalldeluxe with Lauschkost Vol.2, Zippel/ Loeber | The Backdrop Chambers & STJ.
10-2014 Schalldeluxe presents the latest release of the german label Sine-Music called “Offline Vol.1”.
11-2014 Schalldeluxe presents the latest release of the german music-project “Vargo” called “Goodbye Is A New Beginning”.
12-2014 Schalldeluxe presents the latest album of Thomas Lemmer - Zero Gravity, the Obsession Lounge Vol.8, Sine´s new album “Ruhepol” and the new “Relax jazzed Vol.2” by Blank & Jones feat. Marcus Loeber.
03-2015 Schalldeluxe presents the new album of KLANGSTEIN - Orbit
07-2015 Schalldeluxe presents its latest compilation "Episode 2" compiled & mixed by KLANGSTEIN.
08-2015 Schalldeluxe presents the “Vargo Summer Celebration Vol.3” and the “Klassik Lounge Nightflight Vol.7”
09-2015 Schalldeluxe presents “Stoned By Klangstein” - 10 years of Klangstein-Remixes...
10-2015 Schalldeluxe presents the “Autumn Time Vol.3” by Sine Music.
11-2015 Schalldeluxe presents “Moods”, the new album of Ralf Hildenbeutel + interview.
12-2015 Schalldeluxe presents the best of 2015 played at Schalldeluxe.
01-2016 Schalldeluxe presents the german producer Sferix.
02-2016 Schalldeluxe presents the best of Space Night Part1.
03-2016 Schalldeluxe presents the Chillbar Vol.4.
04-2016 Schalldeluxe presents the Milchbar Seaside Season 8 by Blank&Jones.
05-2016 Schalldeluxe presents the Spring Chill Vol.4 by Sine-Music.
06-2016 Schalldeluxe presents the brandnew Klassik Lounge Nightflight Vol.8 by DJ Nartak.
07-2016 Schalldeluxe presents Stefan Erbes “Selectronique Debussy”.
08-2016 Schalldeluxe presents the new album of Thomas Lemmer called “Pure” including an interview with the producer himself.
09-2016 Schalldeluxe presents the new York-Album “Traveller”.
10-2016 Schalldeluxe presents the best of Space Night Part2.
11-2016 Schalldeluxe presents new releases of Sine-Music.
12-2016 Schalldeluxe presents the best tracks played in 2016..
01-2017 Schalldeluxe presents the new Single of Sine & Thomas Lemmer called “AX” and also the new album of Mario Santo: “Vintage Disco”, arranged as DJ-Mix..
02-2017 Schalldeluxe presents the new album of Stefan Erbe - “The Freedom of Movement”.
03-2017 Schalldeluxe presents two new albums: “Der Waldläufer - Fluidum” & “Thomas Lemmer - Ambitronic”.
04-2017 Schalldeluxe presents the brandnew “Lounge Du Soleil Vol.20” by Lemongrassmusic..
05-2017 Listen to new releases of Klangstein, Jens Buchert & Evadez.
06-2017 Listen to the brandnew Schalldeluxe Episode 3.
07-2017 Listen to new Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol.7 by Sine-Music.
08-2017 Listen to the new album of Polished Chrome - Happiness.
09-2017 Listen to the new Klassik Lounge Summer by DJ Nartak.
10-2017 Schalldeluxe introduces the bulgarian artist Valdi Sabev.
11-2017 Schalldeluxe presents the new album of Stan Dart - Ecclesia.
12-2017 Schalldeluxe presents the new Offline Vol.2 by Sine Music.